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  About This Book
  Foolish Assumptions
  Icons Used in This Book

Chapter 1: Discovering the Fundamentals of Your Hybrid Cloud
  Defining Hybrid Cloud
  Connection Points to Support a Hybrid Cloud
  The Hybrid Cloud Imperative
  Looking at Different Cloud Delivery Models

Chapter 2: Managing Visibility, Control, and Security
  Gaining Visibility
  Self‐Service Provisioning
  Managing Workloads to the Right Platform
  Using Automation and Service Delivery to Operationalize the Hybrid Cloud
  Securing and Governing Hybrid Clouds
  Managing Workloads Dynamically

Chapter 3: Application Development and
  Deployment in Hybrid Cloud Environments
  Improving Developer Productivity
  Defining DevOps
  Optimizing DevOps for the Hybrid Cloud
  Enabling Delivery Automation
  Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  Application Release Automation (ARA) and testing services
  Creating Continuous Delivery
  DevOps frameworks
  Reusable web services
  Monitoring and Analytics
  Looking at the Impact of Open Standards for the Hybrid Cloud

Chapter 4: Data and Analytics
  Finding the Value of Managing Data and Analytics in a Hybrid Cloud
  Locating relevant data sources
  Refining and enriching data
  Loading, storing, and analyzing data
  Data services to replicate, synchronize, and integrate data
  Building, testing, and running advanced analytical models
  Using Analytics to Deliver Business Results
  Predictive maintenance
  Marketing and customer churn
  Looking at Cognitive Computing

Chapter 5: Data and Application Integration and Portability
  The Imperative for Integration and Portability
  Managing Data in the Hybrid Environment
  Managing integration and data portability
  The need for portability
  Container technology supports portability
  Developing standards to support workload portability
  Managing Multiple Data Sources within a Hybrid Environment
  Managing metadata
  Challenges in integrating data
  Managing security and governance
  Replicating and synchronizing data
  Integrating Applications across Environments and Gaining Portability

Chapter 6: Recognizing the Business Impact of Hybrid Cloud
  Understanding Why Hybrid Matters
  Balancing Costs with Value
  Getting to the Dial Tone
  Looking at the Value of Flexibility in a Fast‐Changing World
  Setting the Stage for Action

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